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A simplified way to order an ice cream truck arrival, schedule a party visit, get notified when an ice cream truck is nearby. And it’s all free!

How it works?Calling an Ice Cream Truck was never so easy

One touch and your Ice Cream Man knows he should include your location in his route Don’t let Ice Cream Man miss your house ever again.

How it works?Be informed that your Ice Cream Man is nearby

Music box is OK but it’s even more fun to be notified on your smart phone that your Ice Cream Man is approaching .

How it works?Schedule a visit of your Ice Cream Truck

Order an Ice Cream Truck for any kind of party or special event. It’s a great way to surprise and entertain your guests.

How it works?Get FREE ice creams with loyalty points

YES, finally you can get free ice creams by collecting 10 loyalty points. Don’t forget to use the app to get loyalty points every day.