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why join us?With IceCreamTRACK app you will

get to every client

Ever missed potential customers on a dead end street or because they haven’t heard you on time? With IceCreamTRACK app it won’t happen again

get more party invitations

Get more birthday parties, company picnics and other scheduled events invitations than ever before. Check the date, distance and estimate numer of guests of the event and just decide if you wanna go or not.

optimize your route

Feel tired of endless driving on empty streets with no sales? Let your clients tell you where they are. Go where you are wanted and expected

beat your competition

Be the first one to register in your city. This way you will have a priority in your clients orders if a competition appears in the future.

build your clients loyalty

IceCreamTRACK app has an appreciation points program built-in. See for yourself how it effects your clients’ choice of an ice cream man.

get free advertisement

As a member of our team you benefit from every advertisement action we take. But what is more, every IceCreamTRACK driver gets an individuak social media promotion in his work area.

activate your customers

Send your customers notification that you are nearby so they can get ready (and excited) for your arrival.

Safe money on gas

Don’t drive endlessly looking for a client. Reduce the time of a fruitless work and the cost it generates.

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